Importance Of Staging A Home In Preparation For Sale

Selling one’s home is not an easy task. The very first stage of preparation should be removing the clutter. This is most important. Often times, professional home stagers will remove half of the owner’s furnishings before placing it on the market. By removing the clutter, the home will immediately appear to be much larger. You may not want to get rid of lots of furniture, but a good critical eye can detect what is really necessary or what you can live without.

Another key factor in staging one’s home is to remove personal photographs placed around the home. As beautiful as these photos may be to the homeowner, it is a distraction to the buyer. Artwork not containing people in it is the best way to go.

As many DO’s as there are in staging one’s home properly, there are also many DON’Ts. Rugs that are fit to go around toilets, many times having a matching seat cover, is a definite DON’T. Preferably, a rug placed away from the toilet should be used in its place.

One basic step in staging often lies in the foyer. Many people are not aware of the importance of the first impression. This does not need to be anything extravagant. Any statement is better than nothing. Just hanging a pretty painting for a splash of color or a mirror which can add the illusion of space might be all it takes for that first positive impression.

One BIG No-No is displaying loose electrical wires. A few easy steps can resolve that eyesore. The use of a staple gun to attach them to furniture or baseboards is one way to handle the problem. Try to camouflage the cords by matching its color to the wall color. If you can, a hole can be drilled in the back of furniture for the loose cords to run through.

Outdated cabinets and hardware should be updated. Replacing the old hardware for the new is an easy and inexpensive way to make a better impression.

One of your goals when showing your home is to try to make people feel welcome. Without changing all of the furniture, you may want to experiment with ways to make a formal room look a bit more inviting.

It is important when you first furnish your home to remember that the room you are furnishing may not be the same size as the area in which you saw that furniture displayed in the store. It is important to first measure your space to be sure that the furniture you place there will fit properly. It is best not to over furnish an area.

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Prepare The Interior Of Your Home For Sale

This is a very tough time to try to sell a home. The market is flooded with properties and buyers have plenty to choose from. For these reasons, you must make your home the best that it can be. Whether you want to invest a bit of money or not, there are many ways that you can make your home look smashing. Follow this checklist and you will have buyers eating out of the palm of your hand.

Before you even start to think about what needs to be done, you need to walk around your home objectively. Get a pad of paper and a pen and write down things you notice. Now think about the existing space and what is in it. Do you have Elvis posters on the wall or hot pink carpet in the living room? Do you have a room dedicated to Precious Moments figurines? All these things are great, but please consider pre-packing them. You must appeal to as many people as possible. Remember your home is now a product for sale, so you must think like the buyer, not an owner.

You also need to decide if you want to invest money into your house. If you follow the suggestions below, you will make back your money. However, it does depend on the value of the home. You do not want to put the most expensive carpet in an average priced home just as you do not want the cheapest faucet in a high end home. Keep in mind; buyers want a “Move-in ready” home.

o Treat each room like an individual project. Each one will have different tasks to accomplish. Keep in mind what you may not like about the room and what the buyer may not appreciate. Write them down and tackle them in order of importance.

o What does your entryway say about your home? This is very important because this is where the first impression starts. Make it open & inviting.

o What color(s) are your walls? White is not permitted. It gives a very cold and uninviting feeling. Neutral colors are obviously the way to go. However, you can use some color. It is alright to give your home some personality. Soft colors of yellow, green, and even blues have a place in every home. Don’t forget about the ceiling. By painting the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls can make for a very cozy room. Ask your local paint store for help with color. That’s what they do all day long.

o If you have wallpaper, take it down! There is a good possibility that the buyer will not appreciate the pattern or color. Remember, they want “Move-in” ready.

o Slap on the spackle. Repairing holes or cracks in drywall is an easy & inexpensive way to take years off of your home.

o What condition are your floors in? There may be a few things to tackle here. If your carpets are in good condition & a neutral color, make sure they are clean. If you have flooring that is not neutral, replace them! You don’t want your buyers walking away because they don’t want to replace the carpet. If you have tile or wood floors make sure you have rugs down. Especially in a living room, a rug can pull a room together and really warm up the atmosphere.

o Declutter your home. The easier buyers can move through the space, the easier they can picture themselves there. Keep children’s toys in their room. Take down the wall collage of family pictures. Pack away some knickknacks. You want the buyers to focus on the architecture, not your belongings.

o Storage is very important to buyers. You do not want your home to look like it is bursting at the seams. There are several ways to make sure your home has plenty of storage. Pre-pack, pre-pack, pre-pack! Clean out your storage areas! Eat or donate some of the food in your overly stuffed pantry. Pack the out of season clothes. Add shelving. Whether it is in your closet, laundry room or in the garage, shelving is an affordable way to increase the storage. Don’t forget about the countertops. If you have too much on them, it appears there is not enough cabinet space. By having additional room in your storage places, it gives the impression there is plenty of room.

o How much furniture is in your home? Sometimes less is more. By just taking out a loveseat, bookcase, or leaf in a table you can make the appearance of the room look much larger.

o Get rid off or store old, beat up furniture. Frumpy looking furniture will make for a frumpy looking home. If you cannot afford new furniture, please get some new throw pillows or blankets to try and update it.

o Hire a home stager! For a small amount of money, we can place furniture and accessories, or provide a detailed list of necessary changes.

o Do you have a room in your house that you use for storage or don’t use at all? Give it a purpose. It’s like telling a story. You need the buyer to be able to visualize that room with furniture in it. Whether it is making a home office or even an exercise room, allow this space to have meaning.

o Shed some light on the subject. Upgrading you light fixtures will set your home apart from the other 10 homes your buyer is looking at. This can be an easy and inexpensive way to update your home. Find some fun, unique lighting for the kitchen and bath.

o Clean that fireplace! Even if you have only used it once, make sure your fireplace is spotless. This can easily date your home and give it the feeling it hasn’t been taken care of.

o Are you window coverings old, outdated, cheap looking, or too heavy? Get rid of them! You can get very inexpensive curtains or blinds from about any discount department store. Choose a color similar to your wall color. This allows the eye to keep moving, not stop and admire the “loud” coverings.

o What does your home smell like? Unfortunately, if it has a particular odor, you may be use to it. Ask someone who does not live in the home what it smells like. Having an odor can be a huge turn off to buyers. It gives the impression as poorly kept up or dirty. This doesn’t mean you have to bake an apple pie every time you show the home. Invest a few dollars in air fresheners. Choose a mild scent like fresh linen.

o Kitchens can be expensive to update, but well worth it. If your appliances, cabinets, or countertops are dated, replace them. You will be amazed at the difference. Choose a grade that reflects the value of your home. If you cannot afford to replace your cabinets, paint them and add new hardware to the doors. Add under cabinet lighting. This is an inexpensive way to add uniqueness to your kitchen. This is a great room to paint an actual color. It can create a contrast with your cabinets.

o Make your bathrooms luxurious. Notice many hotel bathrooms are very soothing and rich looking. Who doesn’t want that? Create that same felling in your home. This is an excellent place to spend some money because how many people actually upgrade their bathroom?

o Garages are unknown importance to buyers. The focus is always on kitchens and baths, but don’t forget about the garage. A few simple changes will go a long way. Organize and clean it. Do not use this as a storage area. For a small amount of money you can rent a storage box. Add storage which could include shelving and/or cabinets. Give it a fresh paint job.

o Odds & Ends- Add plants. They give life to a home. If you have a space that is small or doesn’t have a lot of light, add a mirror. If you have a lifeless room, consider adding trim. Whether it is crown molding or a chair rail, these will add character to the space.

Again, it’s all about setting your home apart from the others on the market. Invest in what you can see. Buyers do not appreciate non-cosmetic changes as much. Think about what you look for when shopping for a home. Remember, the harder you work on your home, the better the results will be.

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Dealer for Enjoyable and Lasting Results

Expect a professional designer working with cabinet dealers to carefully consider the space and give unmatched knowledge of a range of products. With this knowledge they can match the project with the perfect cabinets to fit any budget and want. Not only that, the choices will be on trend to offer any space the highest return on investment.

Cabinet dealers often give design work at no extra charge as long as the cabinets are purchased from them. Look for those that consider the design a part of the overall process they’re offering to save money and still get high-end products with the best service possible.

Select the Best Dealer

Cabinet dealers are plentiful, and it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting the right dealer for a kitchen or bath. Be sure the dealer specialized in what the project is, bet it a new build or a remodel. Also, be sure they specialize in the type of work being sought-after. Finally, be sure the dealer feels like a good fit. Trust a gut instinct and if it seems too good to be true or shady at all, move on. There are so many choices!

Visit the showroom – Most cabinet dealers have a showroom of sorts where one can go view, touch and experience the product and not just seeing a 2D photo on a website. This is important! It also allows the designer to ask plenty of questions about the project at hand.

Relay time frame – Right away express when the desired finish date is. If the cabinet dealers already have a tight schedule it may not work out.

Express budget and concerns – Being up front about the budget saves any added expenses, saves time viewing items that are too costly, and helps the designer know exactly what to show. Don’t beat around the bush with prices, be straightforward and get exactly what’s desired in a price range that’s acceptable.

Be specific – The more specific a buyer is about what they want for a project, the more likely they’ll be satisfied with what they’re offered. Share all the details of what is imagined and what feel would be perfect for the new kitchen or bathroom. This is the best way for them to help!

Effective Communication

It’s okay to trust that the designer from the cabinet dealers that are chosen will handle the project well. Just keep in mind they likely have hundreds of projects going on at once, so feedback is important. When they express any concerns or have any options, listen intently. Knowing all the details with them is the way to have a successful project. Choosing and installing cabinets is a complex project and there are several products involved to include the cabinets, finish and hardware as well as cabinet functionality and interior to name a few. Anyone who wants to experience an efficient project should focus on what they are told and offer up any opinions throughout.

By following this simple guide, anyone that is upgrading their kitchen or bath will be more than pleased with the end results. Cabinet dealers are everywhere, so read reviews to make sure that earlier customers are satisfied with the process before signing on the dotted line for services.

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Want a New Look, Change Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Yes, you heard right. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware. Since many homeowners have mortgages that are underwater, staying in your current home may be the only option you have.

But that doesn’t mean your existing home has to be boring. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware, which is easy and relatively inexpensive. In fact, it can give your kitchen a makeover in just a weekend.

If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware by giving it some personality. There are plenty of themed hardware sets out on the market these days. From nautical and country to French and western, chances are really good that you’ll find something that’s perfect for you.

If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware by shopping online first. You’ll find a greater selection at online retailers, far more than you’ll find in your local home improvement store. This is particularly true if you live in the country or the suburbs. While a trip to the big city can take a lot of planning, a trip online is an easy way to find just what you’re looking for, especially if your goal is new kitchen cabinet hardware.

You don’t even need to reface your cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh, new look. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware and you may find that the cabinets themselves look brand new.

If you’re happy with the current look, but simply want to give the kitchen a minor facelift, you can start small. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware with similar styles. Change it up by adding some back plates to the knobs and pulls. Or switch from pulls to knobs or vice versa. There are no hard and fast rules and when you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware to match your own tastes and interests.

For example, you can go with themed pulls, knobs and back plates. This is where shopping online has a definite advantage when you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware with ones that match your location, interior d├ęcor or pursuits. For instance, boaters can redo their kitchens in a nautical motif. This is particularly well suited for beach homes as well.

One of the most important things to consider is the ergonomics and comfort of the hardware you purchase. You don’t want to fall in love with a particular style, only to find that your fingers get pinched in the pull when you try to open a heavy drawer. This is why it’s wise to select several different knobs or pulls for your cabinets. This allows you to install them to not only make sure they fit your drawers and cabinets, but your hands as well. In fact, you can install several different styles so you can see which ones you like best. This can save you a lot of time and effort as you won’t end up with a bunch of hardware that doesn’t suit your style, taste or lifestyle.

Fortunately, kitchen cabinet hardware is really easy to swap out. Usually you only need a screwdriver to remove the old knob or pull and put on the new one. Drawer slides and hinges may be a bit more difficult, but usually you don’t need to swap these items out. New knobs, pulls, handles and perhaps even back plates are all you need to give your kitchen a fresh new look. And with today’s soft real estate sales, falling in love with your own home all over again can be a great alternative to trying to sell it right now.

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New Cabinet Hardware and 5 Other Tips to Update Your Home for Resale

If you have decided to sell your home and move to another one, you are not alone. It is said that people in the United States choose to trade-in their home for a new one about every seven years. While the task of moving may feel daunting, the first step in the process is ensuring that you get the best sales price possible for your existing home. The good news is that if you follow the simple 5 step process outlined below, it will be a much easier and efficient process for you. Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Declutter, Declutter, and then Declutter More: As Americans we all have an overabundance of “stuff” in our homes. This stuff clogs up our living space and to potential buyers it makes appear smaller. Additionally, while personal stuff is valued and cherished by you and your family; to a potential buyer it makes it harder for them to picture turning your home into their own. When you are preparing to put your home on the market the best thing you can do is to declutter, declutter and then declutter more. Start with a general sweep and then take time to really consider what needs to be in your space and remove anything that is not essential.

Step 2 – Apply Fresh Paint in Neutral Colors: The cheapest thing you can do to improve the look of your living space, other than decluttering which is essentially free, is to apply paint. You should make it a point to paint as many rooms in the home as possible. Additionally, the paint should be neutral colors which can easily be “lived with” while the new buyers decide how they want to ultimately decorate the space.

Step 3 – Create Amazing Curb Appeal: Your potential buyers will form an opinion of your home the minute they drive up to it. This means that you must have great curb appeal to start off on the right foot and encourage them to want to come inside and see the rest of the property. While plants and flowers are important, don’t forget simple things like door hardware. If your home has a nice door but dated door hardware, it is a fairly simple and cost effective thing which you can change. You would be surprised at the change from simply changing the door hardware on the front door. Change internal door hardware as well where it appears dated or is just simply ugly looking.

Step 4 – Change Cabinet Hardware: One cheap and easy way to update bathrooms and kitchens is to change cabinet hardware. If you have sturdy and decent looking cabinetry, try changing out the cabinet hardware for an updated look. Sometimes the simple act of changing cabinet hardware can make a kitchen or bathroom appear to have new cabinets.

Step 5 – Use Quality Kitchen and Bath Accessories: Potential buyers view your home with the idea that when they move into it, their lives will improve in many ways. One way you can add to this feeling is by using quality kitchen and bath accessories. It is said that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. By taking the time to make sure all of your kitchen and bath accessories appear to be high quality and have mass appeal, you can ensure that it contributes to sell your home.

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